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Star Trek – A Fictional Ending

14. März 2010

This is how Star Trek could (or should?) have ended – somehow… :-)

Zum Video (neues Fenster)

There’s always been a kind of "battle" between "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" (german article here). I’ve seen the three newer (!) Star WARS – movies again and I really have to say that the Star-Wars-World would be better without them. Sorry. They are a sort of "Blue-Box-Festival" and their accompanying computer animations nowadays do look – old (after only a few years). In contrast to them, the original trilogy from the 70s/80s was fantastic – and it still is, after 30 years…

The 2009 STAR-TREK-movie has been more impressive than all three newer Star-Wars-parts combined and I’m sure that it’ll still look fine in five or more years…

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