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Der European Podcast Award pausiert

15. Oktober 2013

Am 31.Maerz 2009 wurde erstmalig der "European Podcast Award" in Hamburg verliehen.

Es war eine kleine, aber feine Veranstaltung in einem gemieteten Lokal am Rande der Reeperbahn und dieser Abend (im NormCast Nr. 135 akustisch festgehalten) hatte ein besonderes Flair, wobei eine gewisse "Aufbruchstimmung" in der Luft lag…

Der Sponsor (Olympus Audio) liess sich wirklich nicht lumpen und so kam es zum Treffen vieler Podcaster.

Die beiden Wolfgangs vom "Computerclub Zwei", Annik Rubens, Fabio Bacigalupo, meine Wenigkeit und viele internationale Gaeste waren vor Ort…

In den Folgejahren wurde der EPA "nur" noch virtuell verliehen, obwohl natuerlich weiterhin echte Trophäen an die Gewinner verschickt wurden.

Doch irgendwie konnte das nie wieder diese "Magie", die dem allerersten EPA-Abend innewohnte, erreichen.

Michel Mertens, Nicole Simon, Ulli Harrass & Co. waren mit viel Enthusiasmus bei der Sache und betreuten mit dem EPA eine wirklich betreuenswerte Aktion. Nun ist aber erstmal Schluss damit, wie dem im Folgenden zitierten Blogbeitrag entnommen werden kann. Der EPA pausiert auf unbestimmte Zeit – und spiegelt damit leider auch die anscheinend abflauende Podcastszene wieder. Vielen Dank fuer das Engagement! – und den Preis :-)

via EPA – Blog :

Dear podcasters,

this year had some huge impacts and changes to the European Podcast Award and its team. Our biggest loss was our main programmer who lost his life in a car accident.

As you may know this project started as a side project for all of us and you gave us a lot of feedback in any way over the past years. Beside our main jobs and projects we tried to focus and become better each new EPA season. It was and it is very time-consuming. Yes, we earned some money but this was never more than expense allowance. We always tried to give great prizes and statues for all winners instead and offer a better platform experience.

The main goal of this award is to celebrate and honour all great podcasts all over Europe. Our main sponsor was always a trustful partner which supported this goal in a great manner.

Nevertheless, during all these different stages of development we recognized expectations. Expectations by you and us in the team. We always tried to communicate honestly to all of you and show you the new improvements and ideas for the EPA. This award was always meant to rise the bar , raise the standards.

The European Podcast Award reached a level in its history where we can’t manage the expectations with side-project time management, low costs in design and hosting and low budgets.

We face changes in our team. Trustful ambassadors are focusing on their main jobs, are introduced in much more important projects or life plans have changed.

We like to thank all supporters of the European Podcast Award.

We could not have made it without you in any way! This was a great adventure!

We have learnt a lot about communication, people and organisation.

So we keep it honest.

We don’t know where the way will lead us. After nearly 5 years full of work we pause the European Podcast Award for an undefined time.

Stay tuned – keep on podcasting!

This scene lives on for sure.

Thank you!